Welcome to Orion International, LLC

Orion is a constellation of resources comprised of professionals in organization development, management training and strategic planning. As accomplished consultants and trainers, we bring to our work a large repertoire of tools and techniques, a shared sense of purpose and an enduring belief - reinforced by practical experience - in the capacity of human beings and organizations to change. In addition to our home team, the constellation consists of a cadre of outstanding independent consultants who share our values and can ably assist in major consulting and training projects. The Orion constellation share a philosophy that can be summed up in four words: professionalism, integrity, responsiveness and results.

PROFESSIONALISM is apparent in everything we do, every intervention we make, and is born out of our more than 200 years of collective experience.

INTEGRITY applies not only to our approach to the work, the values we espouse and the tenor of our dealings with clients , but also to the kind of products and materials we employ.

RESPONSIVENESS is the word that best describes our willingness to listen, to maintain an attitude of open-minded attention. Rather than imposing our own agendas, we make it a priority to respond to each client's needs, suggestions and initiatives.

Finally, we're in business because we have proven that we can indeed make a difference. Our clients will attest that our work produces tangible, substantial, bottom-line RESULTS.





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