One-on-One Interactions

Orion International offers a set of executive consulting services that form the cornerstone of organizational change. The discoveries made and the new behaviors learned through the executive leadership process are later introduced to the organization through team-building experiences.

The journey to leadership development begins with what we call the Leadership Effectiveness Process - a leadership development experience in which the participating manager receives personal, one-on-one coaching and counseling designed to enhance leadership skills. Unlike other models, the Leadership Effectiveness Process is a long-term approach that reinforces new leadership behaviors over time. The intent of the process is not to supply answers but rather to pose the questions and provide the kind of support that will facilitate an individualís ability to find his or her own unique leadership pathway.

The Leadership Effectiveness Process has been proven to be especially useful when:

  • An organization is involved in a change process that requires its senior executives and managers to acquire new leadership models and skills.

  • An organization seeks to support and/or accelerate the growth of a high-potential manager.

  • A promising executive has a blind spot or other leadership handicap that is impeding his or her full functioning and development.

  • An organization wants to improve the overall effectiveness of its leaders.
  • During the Leadership Effectiveness Process, which remains strictly confidential, Orion International consultants create a supportive context for exploring a variety of professional and personal issues. Depending on the needs and career trajectory of the manager, consultants are available to provide strategic advice, life and career counseling, to assist with decision planning and implementation, and to offer a forum for creative problem solving. When circumstances require it, Orion will also participate in on-line conflict resolution, serving as mediator and providing a balanced, objective view.

    The benefits of the Leadership Effectiveness Process are enormous and long lasting. Managers emerge from the process with a greater understanding of their role as a management model and a catalyst for change. Their leadership skills are greatly improved. They are aware of their strengths and able to compensate for their weaknesses. Equally important, they have developed a long-term vision for themselves and their organization, one to which they are deeply committed.

    To broaden and deepen the work begun at the executive level, and to build strong collective leadership, Orion International offers versions of the Leadership Effectiveness Process for senior and mid-level managers. Many of the one-on-one methodologies used in the Leadership Effectiveness Process are also applied in sessions and retreats designed for key executives and their teams.

    Our consultants coach senior management teams over the course of time and link the developmental journey with each memberís Leadership Effectiveness Process. This Linked Team Building - concurrently focusing on the individual development of each team member and the team as a whole - assures that key leaders will have the support and understanding of influential managers.



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