A message from the president...

"Orion International was founded in 1987. However, the conceptual and experiential roots of our organization date back to the early 1960s, and it was then that the mission of Orion began to take shape.

That mission, stated simply, is to make a lasting difference: to encourage permanent change in leaders and the organizations they manage by creating an environment that functions long after our departure, promoting optimum results and continuous growth.

At Orion International, we have a deep and abiding belief in the ability of our clients to resolve their own problems and achieve at the highest levels. Our role in the change process is to help them navigate the challenging terrain facing them on their way to their ultimate goals.

The hand-picked consultants who comprise the Orion International team have had years, and in some cases decades, of successful experience in the field of organizational effectiveness. Along with strong and complementary skills, they bring to Orion a shared vision and sense of purpose. Together, we offer talents, tools and processes to guide and accelerate individual and organizational change. The goal, always, is to liberate human potential and galvanize commitment throughout the organization.

Over the years, we have seen our philosophy take root in major organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We are proud of our accomplishments in helping clients achieve their goals and improve their performance. And we are especially pleased to have this opportunity to share with you the capabilities that Orion International can bring to your organization."

D. Joseph Fisher, PhD


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