The Orion Mission

Helping leaders lead. That deceptively simple phrase sums up the overriding goal of Orion International. Achieving it requires skill, experience, and sensitivity to organizational and personal processes.

Unlike many consulting groups, Orion International focuses on leadership rather than management. Rather than starting with large groups of employees and moving gradually to the executive level, we have found it much more effective to focus on an organizationís leaders. Our consultants give them and, by extension, their organizations the tools and methods necessary for healthy, autonomous functioning. We seek to facilitate deep change processes in key individuals, guiding them through self assessments and value identification, aligning executive vision with corporate goals, and then infusing that vision with life and spirit by empowering management teams and employees.

At Orion International, we respect the uniqueness of each situation, each executive, and each organization. For that reason, we discourage any attempt at packaged programs. What we offer instead are carefully crafted solutions that include a broad range of relevant processes, from leadership development to survey research and process consultation.

Although our work requires the establishment of close working relationships with clients, we consciously promote autonomy rather than dependency. For us, a successful intervention is one in which the processes we set into motion continue, grow, and succeed long after we have departed.

The goal of Orion International consultants is to initiate a self- perpetuating cycle of positive change. Typically, the cycle will follow this sequence:
  • Focus objectively on the key issues and challenges.
  • Help leaders establish a clear and compelling vision.
  • Formulate a strategy for long-term change,
  • one that ensures the full commitment of individuals and teams,
  • leads to the empowerment of all employees,
  • and ultimately strengthens the autonomy of the organization.
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