Organizational Science

Experience has shown that truly effective and lasting change requires a blend of art and science a combination of personal interventions with science-based instruments and analytic techniques. For that reason, the Orion International staff includes experts in organizational research, survey techniques, and training material design.

Avoiding the temptation to rely on technology solely for its own sake, we employ scientific instruments only when they can be useful in promoting awareness, guiding action, and clarifying problems.

For many organizations, surveys and other instruments can serve as a catalyst for change, providing solid data and measurable results that can inspire clients to enact decisions and set specific goals. When our work can be strengthened by surveys and organization feedback, we will design a customized instrument to measure the perceptions of key leaders and management, identify the routes of communication, or clarify other issues over which people have a large degree of control and influence. This in turn provides a clear picture of the working environment and a guide for decisions and future action.

By merging the output of various diagnostic instruments, our technical specialists are able to track and chart performance, attitude, skill levels, and other key attributes for individuals and teams, literally painting a picture of a given situation. These computer-generated charts present information in a compelling way and often lead clients to make decisions and take action.

In many instances, we translate the dynamics of an organization into a learning process, an exercise, or some other tool for positive learning. Thus, experiences that take place at executive levels can be applied, in a slightly different form, within a variety of other venues throughout the corporation.



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