The Orion Team

Orion International consultants are carefully selected not only for their abilities, but also for their "fit" with Orionís mission, goals, and philosophy. The result is a rare, mutually enriching mix of talent and professional interests.

The diversity of our staff makes it possible to match resources to client needs. In this way, our internal team structure reflects and responds to the executive groups with which we work. Rather than functioning as "fixers" or "problem solvers," our consultants provide a process to identify key issues, reframe problems, and search out solutions that are appropriate and meaningful to the client organization.

Our success derives from our ability to work in unison, building on each otherís strengths. Over the years, we have continued to forge a unique working relationship in which all members are equally valued and valuable, and in which the team is the real hero. Add to this the fact that our consultants live in locations from east coast to west coast and north to south.

To view Who's Who in the Orion constellation, just click on the appropriate name location (i.e., Ann Arbor) on the map below.

The Orion International team includes a licensed psychologist, an organizational psychologist, seasoned organizational development specialists, individuals with extensive line management experience, and technicians who are expert in survey development, analysis, and data interpretation. For clients, this synergistic combination of skills translates into wide-ranging expertise and adaptability. Our team of professionals is comfortable in virtually any corporate context. We can respond confidently to situations and problems by selecting from a full spectrum of techniques, tools, and interventions that include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Visioning
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Survey Research
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Diagnostics and Training Tool Design
  • Process Consultation
  • Management Training
  • Change is rarely an easy process. But it is necessary. And when carried out with the help of skilled practitioners, it can be revealing, energizing, and ultimately rewarding.

    Orion International is dedicated to developing leaders who are capable of making a difference in their organizations. We have worked with dozens of corporations throughout North America and Europe. In many cases, we have been asked to focus on individual executives who require attention in order to grow, develop, and attain their full potential. In other cases, when the organization has sought to prepare proactively for anticipated wide-scale change, we have worked with managers at every level, linking their individual development with their progress as part of a management team.

    Regardless of the specific assignment, the result is the same. When our work is complete, we leave behind an organization with stronger leaders, clearer vision, firmer direction, and proven tools for ongoing assessment and action,

    If itís time for organizational change - at any level, in any realm of activity - then itís time to call Orion International.



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