An Inside-Out Approach

The need for change can manifest anywhere in an organization: in sales strategies, in communications, in executive teams, in management or employee performance, or in the overall direction of the company.

Orion Internationalís consultants have decades of experience which provide an in-depth understanding of the process of organizational change - the steps involved and the level of commitment required. Through our work with dozens of leading corporations, this is what we have discovered:

Wherever and whatever change may be desired, it must begin at the highest possible level and move through the corporation from the top down. Only then can an organization be assured that change will be durable, effective, and meaningful.


We approach our task as a three-step process:

  • First, we work intensively with the leaders and other executives who guide the organization; the men and women who are in a position to make a substantive difference.

  • Next, we turn our attention to teams at successive levels of management.

  • Finally, we address the corporate culture by focusing on the long-term systems, processes, policies, and procedures that drive the organizationís daily activities.
  • Our first priority is to move senior executives and their teams through a series of processes designed to promote outstanding leadership. We emphasize the "development" aspect of leadership development, viewing it as an evolutionary process rather than a final destination.

    A one-time training experience in leadership may provide a burst of inspiration, but its effects are likely to be short-lived. We achieve far more powerful effects by introducing a long-term process of education, one that gradually and systematically integrates new learnings with behavior and sustains behavioral change over time through follow-up and feedback.

    At Orion International, we base our practice of leadership development on these guiding principles:
  • We believe that people in leadership positions want to lead. We assume they are eager to set a mission that others can identify with, commit to, work toward, and achieve with satisfaction.

  • Although some leaders may be born with their abilities, others must master the art along the way. Rarely are those in leadership positions equipped by nature with the philosophy, vision and skills to mobilize an organization.

  • Even those individuals who assume the role of leader with relative ease must take time periodically to fine-tune their skills.

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