Home Page - Describes in a nutshell what the Company does and directs interested parties to each page in the site. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.
Message Page - A message from the President of Orion International, Dr. Joseph Fisher.
Mission Page - Outlines Orion's basic mission of Helping Leaders Lead. Distinguishes Orion's focus on leadership rather than management.
Approach Page - The Inside-Out Approach of working with organizations that clearly defines Orion's strategic guidance of focusing change efforts where change must begin.
Interaction Page - Forming the cornerstone of organizational change, One-on-One Interactions are described as Individual-focused processes that create the foundation for organizational improvement.
Team Building Page - Better known as Linked Team Building it suggests that the team development cycle is designed to lead to a series of positive outcomes in which the leadership role is a driving force.
Org Science Page - Lasting and effective change is best accomplished through a blend of personal interventions with science based instruments and analytic techniques. This page describes that process.
The Orion Team Page - This pages showcases the diverse background of experience, education and skills of the coast to coast Orion consultant group. Check out the map that links you to each location across the country.
Our Clients Page - Shows the diversity of clients served, highlights four distinct case studies of how Orion helped each client to a successful outcome, and testimonials of key clients.
Links Page- This page showcases two types of Links - Essential Links are the close affiliations with Orion and Valuable Links are useful help links for viewers wishing to improve their knowledge and scope of the Organizational Effectiveness field.
Feedback Page - Shown as a link at the top of every page it assists the viewer in sending feedback to Orion about the site, company and services. As an added feature a viewer can solicit more information from the Company.




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